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It’s surprising that in Pima County, a growing metropolis of over one million strong, that Tucson can boast such beautiful landscapes. Despite the bustle of the city, Tucson is home to picture perfect views of colored rolling hills, jaw dropping mountains, and cactus forests.

Tucson communities have long been steeped in the cultural blending of ancient Native Americans, Spanish explorers, and the frontiersmen of the early U.S. This cultural blending could only take place in the borderland, and grants Tucson a rare opportunity to experience the best that all cultures have to offer.

Finding a home in Tucson is easy, because the climate is nearly always cooperative. The weather in Southern Arizona is mild all year round, making it the ideal place to rent for the winter, or for an extended vacation.

Living in Tucson offers you a unique way to experience the natural beauty of the Arizona landscape, as well as the open hearts and friendly faces of the Arizona people.

Founded in 1775, Tucson is the second-largest and oldest city in Arizona, as well as the seat of Pima County. One of the state’s fast-growing metropolitan areas, the city currently boasts a population of over 930,000 residents, which is projected to increase 21.0% by 2025. Tucson’s technology cluster is slowly emerging as the backbone of the local economy. An essential part of the growth of this industry is the University of Arizona, which is dedicated to the advancement of several high-technology sectors, including aerospace, advanced-composite materials, information technology, optics, life sciences, and environmental technology. 

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